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18th Apr 2017

Jamie Vardy takes the piss out of Kasper Schmeichel after father shows up at Leicester training

Vardy loves a gag at his goalkeeper's expense

Darragh Murphy

For someone well aware of the potential to get banged, Jamie Vardy doesn’t mind chatting shit.

The Leicester striker is in great spirits ahead of Leicester’s crunch Champions League quarter-final home leg against Atletico Madrid, and he is clearly not too stressed about having to turn around the 1-0 deficit from last week.

Vardy is well-known as one of the jokers in the Foxes squad and goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel is often the butt of his jokes.

You may remember that, earlier this season, Vardy broke out a reference from The Inbetweeners to take the piss out of the shot-stopper when Schmeichel greeted Danish compatriot and Southampton midfielder Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg prior to the Saints’ 3-0 victory.

Vardy must know that Schmeichel is a good sport because he took the mick out of him again this week when his father, Peter, showed his face at Leicester training.

The 1999 Champions League winner was in attendance to watch Craig Shakespeare put his players through their paces but Vardy was never going to turn down the chance to embarrass the younger Schmeichel.

As father and son embraced, Vardy came out with a cracking line.

“Is it bring your father to work day? Is that what it is?” Vardy joked.

There’s only one Jamie Vardy.