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12th Mar 2017

Jamie Carragher’s face says it all after being interrupted by Jamie Redknapp

Not impressed

Simon Lloyd

Jamie Carragher was in full flow.

Minutes after Liverpool had sealed a slender 2-1 victory at home to Burnley, their former defender was in the Sky Sports studio running the rule over some of the game’s major talking points.

Sitting alongside him and nodding in agreement at his every word was Jamie Redknapp, also on punditry duty for the afternoon.

But Jamie Redknapp was never *just* going to nod in agreement, was he?

With Carragher seemingly halfway through the point he was trying to make about Emre Can, Redknapp decided he’d heard enough and that now was the time to intervene.

Enthusiastically saying something about how this was showing “too much respect”, Redknapp’s words – which make little sense when viewed in the context of a short video clip lifted from Twitter – were enough to shut Carragher down completely. It was also perfectly clear from his face that he wasn’t all that impressed at being interrupted.

Seconds later, Redknapp finishes ‘his’ point and asks Carragher if he agrees. After telling him that he did and pointing out that he had interrupted him when making his original point, Carragher’s voice is then drowned out for a second time as Redknapp begins to bang on about something else. Magic.

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