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09th May 2017

Jamie Carragher’s description of Manchester United’s away form is undeniably true

He's right

Robert Redmond

He’s right.

Manchester United’s poor away form against top six teams came under scrutiny on Monday Night Football following the team’s 2-0 loss to Arsenal.

Jose Mourinho’s side have yet to win a game away to their direct rivals, and have yet to even score a goal against them.

On Sky Sports on Monday evening, Jamie Carragher was critical of United’s record, labelling it “embarrassing,” and he’s right.

Even David Moyes’ relegated Sunderland have a better record away to the top six this season. Unlike United, they’ve actually managed to score a goal.


“It is not right that United have not scored away from home against a top six team this season,” Carragher said.

‘For Manchester United with the manager they have, the players on the pitch, the money they spent, it is embarrassing really that they can’t score a goal in those games.”

Rather than bad luck or poor finishing or even the quality of the opposition, Carragher pins the blame for their poor showing away from Old Trafford on the United manager.

“It comes from Mourinho and the way he sets up his teams,” the former Liverpool defender said.

“Jose Mourinho, whenever he is in a game that he feels in 50-50 or maybe they opposition have the slight edge on them, his first thought is to nullify, kill the game.

“(He thinks) ‘What are they good at? Finish it’.”

Gary Neville defended Mourinho and said he has “found a formula to get him through these big games.”

The former United defender said that this season is a “freak” in terms of Mourinho’s overall record because his current team, one of the worlds most expensively assembled, is inferior to his previous sides.

“This is probably the worst performing team that Jose Mourinho has managed in the last 10-15 years of his career,” Neville said.

However, recent history suggests a different story.

Football365 have compiled Mourinho’s results in all away games against the top six going back to January 2015, and it is pathetic.

0-0 v Arsenal
0-1 v Arsenal
0-3 v Manchester City
0-0 v Tottenham
0-0 v Liverpool
0-4 v Chelsea
0-1 v Chelsea
0-0 v Manchester City
0-2 v Arsenal

This season, United have been awful in away games to the big teams, and poor at home to the weaker teams.

We could put this down to bad luck, poor finishing or the quality of the opposition.

Or we could put it down to what it actually is – Mourinho is an extremely negative coach, incapable of setting his team up to break down teams at home, and too cautious to try beat big sides  in away games.

Carragher’s right, United’s record this season is embarrassing.