Jamie Carragher reveals hilarious Xherdan Shaqiri message to Gary Neville 3 years ago

Jamie Carragher reveals hilarious Xherdan Shaqiri message to Gary Neville

It'll be worth tuning in to Monday Night Football for this alone.

Jamie Carragher is going to make Gary Neville go through with his forfeit after losing a penalty shootout against the Liverpool legend at the beginning of this month.


After getting the best of Neville from 12 yards, Carragher came up with a novel idea for how to punish his punditry soulmate.

"That's a Liverpool shirt - I'll even buy it," Carragher said.

"23 Carragher on the back. No, I'll tell you who'll we'll get, 23 Shaqiri on the back, he hates Shaqiri."

Carragher's comments came from Neville's opinion on Shaqiri, who signed from Stoke City for £13 million over the summer.

During the World Cup, Neville outlined why he wasn't a fan of the Swiss international.


"I’m not a fan of Shaqiri to be honest with you," Neville said ahead of Switzerland's World Cup opener against Brazil. "I think that was to be fair made worse by the fact that he distanced himself from his team-mates at Stoke.

"They were unprofessional last season, there’s no doubt. And he epitomises it.

"He could score the goal of the tournament and he could have the most amazing game.


"But he could also be there for three matches, do nothing and just amble and waddle around.

"To be honest with you with him, players like that I can’t have to be honest with you, I struggle with it."

Now the time has come for Neville to pay the piper and ahead of Liverpool's clash with Crystal Palace on Monday, Carragher has revealed the message that Shaqiri has for the ex-United full-back.


"To my number 1 fan, Gary. Please don't track back," Shaqiri wrote, alluding to Neville's belief that he doesn't do enough to help out his teammates when defending.

"Sorry, please don't back track on this bet, Xherdan Shaqiri."