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10th May 2019

Jamie Carragher asks if Gary Neville has the balls to call Glazers out

Simon Lloyd

Carragher asked if his Sky Sports colleague would call out Manchester United’s owners, the Glazers

Those own goals aside, Jamie Carragher has probably never been as popular with Manchester United supporters as he is today.

Not for the first time, the Liverpool legend engaged in a a light-hearted Twitter exchange with Sky Sports colleague Gary Neville, which culminated in him asking the former United captain if he ‘had the balls’ to call out the club’s despised owners, the Glazer family.

It started when Neville poked fun at Carragher’s column for The Telegraph, in which he claimed there was no media agenda against Manchester City as they battle Liverpool for the league.

‘You lot are 75% of the media,’ Neville replied, joking that working for Sky during the final weeks of the season had been akin to working for Liverpool TV.

Quoting Neville’s tweet, Carragher fired back that he had still been allowed to express his feelings about United’s executive vice-chairman, Ed Woodward.

‘Any chance you’ll have the balls to call out the Glazers??!!!!’ he added.

Neville replied again, his choice of emoji appearing to suggest Carragher was ‘salty’ about his earlier comment.

This, as many United fans pointed out in the replies, didn’t answer his question.

Neville was a United player when the Glazer family took charge of the club in 2005, saddling them with over £700m-worth of debt.

Supporters were fiercely against the takeover and have frequently made their feelings known about the Glazer family, who also own NFL franchise, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.