Jamie Carragher takes the piss out of Jamie Carragher for interview with Virgil van Dijk 9 months ago

Jamie Carragher takes the piss out of Jamie Carragher for interview with Virgil van Dijk

Jamie Carragher is, by no means, a small man.

The Liverpool legend stands at 6'1" and was more than capable of competing in the air with anybody during his 17-year stint with the Reds.

So either Carragher has shrunk considerably since hanging up his boots in 2013 or Virgil van Dijk is freakishly big.

Carragher sat down with Liverpool's record signing for an interview ahead of Van Dijk's Premier League debut for his new club and he led the jokes about the size difference between the Dutchman and himself.

On Thursday, the Sky Sports pundit showed that he was dwarfed by Van Dijk when they met at Melwood.

And, knowing how they looked when stood side-by-side, perhaps Carragher should've objected to the set-up of the sit-down interview because, well, it made the 39-year-old look hilariously tiny.

Never afraid to take the mick out of himself, Carragher led the jokes by comparing Van Dijk to Will Ferrell's character in the Christmas movie Elf, while supporters simply couldn't get over the fact that Van Dijk's thigh looked the same size as Carragher's torso.


"People will look at the transfer fee. It’s normally strikers going for that type of figure. But as with any transfer fee, if he performs well and does his job it will be worth it," Carragher said of the deal for the former Southampton and Celtic centre-half.

"Rio Ferdinand went to Manchester United for just over £30m, but he repaid that. He was Manchester United’s top centre-back, won trophies and was there for 10 years. That’s what Van Dijk has to do; take Liverpool to trophies and be their main, number one centre-back for the next decade or so."