Jamie Carragher praises Richarlison for calling him out on Twitter 2 months ago

Jamie Carragher praises Richarlison for calling him out on Twitter

Not the reaction we were expecting

Jamie Carragher has praised Richarlison for responding to criticism on social media after the Everton winger told him "wash your mouth out" following Wednesday's game.


Posting on Twitter, the Brazilian tweeted, "wash your mouth before you talk about me and Everton and I don't respect you"; although people might have been expecting a pithy comeback from the ex-Liverpool player turned pundit, Carragher seemed to empathise and suggest he would have done similar if social media was around when he was still playing.


While not referencing anything specifically, this isn't their first interaction online and the post seems to be in response to Carragher's continued criticism of what he perceives as Richarlison's regular on-field antics, having previously pointed out how many times he goes down in a match.

This back and forth goes all the way back to November 2020, when Carra accused him of diving multiple times week in, week out - a suggestion that the player simply shushed.


Richarlison scored the second goal (albeit deflected) in the Toffees' incredible comeback against Crystal Palace on Wednesday night, which helped secure their Premier League survival in the eleventh hour and clearly felt like he had something to say following his heroics.

Carragher's Monday Night Football colleague also managed to get in on the act as per - somewhat getting his own back for a tweet made earlier this week,


Meanwhile, the story itself has been largely dominated by the subsequent pitch invasion, resulting in Palace coach Patrick Vieira being filmed kicking out at a fan after being goaded on the pitch and sparking yet more debate as to people's safety during such moments.

Elsewhere, somewhat relieved of the mounting pressure in recent weeks and months, Everton boss Frank Lampard dubbed it "one of the greatest nights of my footballing life".

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