Jamie Carragher reveals what six of his former teammates were like off the pitch 4 years ago

Jamie Carragher reveals what six of his former teammates were like off the pitch

"I can see him going on to make a movie or something"

Jamie Carragher has been speaking about some of his former teammates, and how they were off the pitch.


The former Liverpool defender was asked about some of the players he featured alongside by ShortList magazine, and five of former Anfield teammates got a mention, as well as Rio Ferdinand, his old England teammate.


Carragher speaks about former Liverpool strikers Djibril Cisse and Michael Owen, former Liverpool goalkeepers David James and Pepe Reina and German midfielder Didi Hamann, who played alongside the Sky Sports pundit at Anfield for seven years.

The former defender doesn't spare Hamann's feelings and confirms Owen's peculiar hatred of films.

Here's what Carragher had to say about each player:

Djibril Cisse


"He was a DJ on the side. I didn't get to see his football skills enough, let alone what he was like on the decks. But he'd often be in charge of the music in the dressing room. He'd usually put Justin Timberlake on or something like that. I wasn't a fan. I'm more of a Dr Hook and Rod Stewart man myself."

Rio Ferdinand


"It's getting a bit boring isn't it with footballers. There's just nothing there at all. That's probably England's problem, too boring. At least Rio could have a laugh. His show 'Rio's World Cup Wind-Ups' went down well. His catchphrase 'You've been Merked' was the weirdest thing about it. I can see him going on to make a movie or something."

Didi Hamann

"He liked having a few drinks with me. And getting on the karaoke. He was awful. He's more snakehips, more of a mover than a singer. He's the worst dresser, an absolute scruff!"


David James

"He'd get you through tournaments with England, Jesus Christ, he never stopped talking. Ever. He'd like to say he was into all these fancy things, that he painted in his spare time and went to all these galleries. Personally, I think it was all one big bluff. I don't think he has a clue about art."

Michael Owen

"We knew how much he hated films at Liverpool. I'd ask him why, he'd say: 'Well it's not real is it? Why bother when it's not real?' And I was like 'Oh my God!' I mean, I'm not a massive film watcher, but he hated them. My favourite is One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Jamie Redknapp's is Brokeback Mountain. We never had a film night with Owen. Lads don't do that in the football team."

Pepe Reina

"If you saw him for Spain at the World Cup, he was up and bouncing around and he hadn't even played a minute. So, imagine what he was like playing for Liverpool every week. He was always having a laugh and a joke."