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22nd Aug 2023

Jamie Carragher forensically examines Casemiro’s poor start to the season

Callum Boyle

Jamie Carragher Casemiro

‘That is not acceptable at any level’

Jamie Carragher forensically examined Casemiro’s poor start to the season for Manchester United by highlighting his mistakes during their loss to Tottenham.

Carragher had previously been critical of the midfielder for his poor performance against Wolves in their opening game of the Premier League, and went as far as saying that he wasn’t a good buy for the club.

The Liverpool legend made the point that although Casemiro was brilliant last year, the amount of money that they paid for him giving his age, meant that his form was always going to deteriorate.

Last night on Monday Night Football, Carragher showed specific clips of the Spurs defeat highlight why the former Real Madrid star is struggling.

“I think they have big problems in midfield. The set-up of their midfield is not right for me. I think there are a few things wrong,” said Carragher. “The manager’s set up, what he is asking them to do in terms of the profile of players, is not right.

“Mason Mount, this time, played a little deeper than he did on Monday night, trying to maybe help Casemiro in some ways. But the reason I am saying I do not like the set-up from the manager is that he plays a man-marking system.”

Further examples in which Casemiro made seemingly half-hearted attempts to put in the tackle, underlined Carragher’s point.

“We can talk about the set-up and the system but this one is all about Casemiro. He makes a decision to go when he should hold his position. He goes flying in and is bypassed so easily.

“Maddison is a technically good player but he is not quick and that is far too easy. Again, right through the heart of Manchester United’s midfield.

“We talk about him being left exposed but that is not acceptable at any level – and certainly a player of his quality and experience.

“It just does not look great when you have a player diving in. He is falling over. He has made a really poor start. I would be really worried about him going forward and the make-up of this Manchester United midfield.”

Man United take on Nottingham Forest this Saturday, where Erik ten Hag will be hoping to get back to winning ways.

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