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08th Aug 2018

Jamie Carragher pulls brilliant prank on Wolves’ Conor Coady

He's back at it

Darragh Murphy

Jamie Carragher hasn’t been on Sky Sports since March but he clearly hasn’t lost his sense of humour in his time away.

Carragher returned to our screens this week on the Premier League Launch Show and was in typically fine form.

The Liverpool legend spoke to Wolverhampton Wanderers defender Conor Coady as part of the build-up to the beginning of the 2018/19 season and didn’t pass up the opportunity to prank his fellow Scouser.

When asking Coady for his take on the number of Portuguese players currently at Wolves, Carragher told the promising centre-half that his club had just bid for Pepe.

Coady was none too pleased to hear that Wolves were looking to sign someone who plays in the same position as him and he couldn’t contain his panic with his reaction.

Carragher got a great kick out of giving such a fright to the former Liverpool defender.

“That’s thing as a player,” Carragher said. “You love signings as long as they’re not your position. As soon as it’s your position it’s ‘oh no’.”

Wolves have invested heavily in strengthening the squad which won last season’s Championship with three games to spare and Coady, the club’s captain, simply can’t wait to get down to work in Wolves’ return to England’s top flight.

“It is exciting,” Coady said.

“We’re like anybody else when you see things on the news and you’re like supporters you get excited by seeing who’s coming in and different things and you see the calibre of players who have come in and you add that to last season, it’s really exciting for the football club.

“I don’t want to put too much pressure on the lads, it’s a big year, a big season for everybody, but you can see them in training and things like that and I can’t wait for it.”