Jamie Carragher checks into the doghouse with joke on Soccer AM 3 years ago

Jamie Carragher checks into the doghouse with joke on Soccer AM

Jamie Carragher must have left his f*cks at home.

Carragher finds himself on commentary duty for Burnley's Premier League clash with Everton on Saturday afternoon and the cold up at Turf Moor did nothing to chill his sense of humour.


The Liverpool legend was well wrapped up to cope with the elements and clearly wasn't looking forward to spending a few hours on the gantry.

"It's freezing!" Carragher said before taking the mick out of his punditry soulmate Gary Neville, who complained about the temperature while covering Manchester City's victory over Arsenal on Thursday night.

"What did he have? He had that big parka on, didn't he? Typical Manchester."

And while we're used to seeing Carra mock Neville and vice versa, the former Reds defender left the Soccer AM studio in stitches when he previewed the game and revealed his plans to keep warm.


"My missus gave me her tights this morning so I'm going to throw them on," he said.

"I'm serious... They're a bit big.

"She doesn't watch Soccer AM."

To be fair, we'd imagine Carragher's wife would have to have a terrific sense of humour if she has to put up with the ex-England international on a daily basis.