Jamie Carragher caught Googling who co-pundit was by Micah Richards 2 months ago

Jamie Carragher caught Googling who co-pundit was by Micah Richards

Edu was working alongside Richards and Carragher for CBS' coverage of the Champions League

Jamie Carragher was caught in the act by Micah Richards as he was seen Googling who fellow pundit Maurice Edu was when they were working together.


Edu - who played for Rangers and the United States - was working alongside Carragher and Richards as well as presenter Kate Abdo for CBS' coverage of the Champions League on Wednesday night.

But it appeared the former Liverpool defender had absolutely no idea who his colleague for the night was, despite Edu being a regular face as a pundit for football in the US, and was seen searching who he was.

Richards is always up for a laugh and wasn't going to let Carragher get away with it who admitted himself that he was doing some pre-show research.

"Yeah I Googled him before, did you get me on camera?" asked Carragher.


Richards as usual was in good spirits, laughing away as he said: "I thought 'what is he doing on here'?"

"Then I’ve seen [Edu’s] name and I was like ‘NO!’ - surely!

“So I zoomed in to make sure I got the perfect picture!”

He then continued his fit of hysterics, shouting: “We’ve been here since 1 o’clock!”

Thankfully, Edu wasn't offended as he replied jokingly: "Cheers for that, bro. Cheers!”

What makes matters worse is that Edu went up against Carragher in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, in which the USA actually topped the group, although Edu was an unused substitute during the game against England, while Carragher started.

Next time Jamie if you aren't sure on who one of your work colleagues is, maybe don't do Google them directly in front of them.

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