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03rd Apr 2022

Jack Grealish threatens to unfollow Kalvin Phillips over outfit choice

Callum Boyle

Grealish isn’t messing around

Manchester City winner Jack Grealish has threatened to unfollow his England teammate Kalvin Phillips after he was spotted wearing some… erm, questionable attire.

Grealish Kalvin Phillips

Phillips was pictured signing autographs in the unusual clothing

Phillips was pictured signing an autograph for a Leeds fan recently – but his choice of outfit caused quite a stir.

The Leeds midfielder was seen wearing what appeared to look like a trench coat or dungarees but they were either too big for him or he just couldn’t be bothered to do all the buttons up as it draped down his body.

His choice of footwear also seemed pretty unique, looking a bit like those bags you have to put over your actual shoes when you’re walking around the edge of a local authority swimming pool.

Grealish sent Phillips a warning on Instagram

Naturally, his friends weren’t going to let this one lie, as Grealish soon showed.

Phillips celebrated his return to the pitch for the first time since December on Saturday after recovering from a thigh injury to play in Leeds’ draw against Southampton.

The 26-year-old posted a message of thanks to supporters as he marked his return to Elland Road on Instagram. He said: “119 days later!

“Thanks for all your support on the journey back, and the reception today. A point in the right direction.”

But Grealish, who plays with the midfielder at international level, sent him a warning and threatened to unfollow him should he ever wear the outfit again.

He replied: “Good to see you back bro,” followed by a love heart emoji.

“And if you ever wear them shoes and that outfit again I’m unfollowing you.”

Grealish’s comment was obviously in good taste but let that be a warning to you Kalvin, don’t wear that again.

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