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23rd Apr 2017

Incredible Manchester United prediction makes us question everything we thought we knew

This will blow your mind

Darragh Murphy

What kind of sorcery is this?

Manchester United just recorded a 2-0 victory over Burnley and one pre-match tweet has scared the living shite out of us.

Anthony Martial opened the scoring at Turf Moor by stabbing home to finish off a lightning quick counter-attack in what was a classic United goal.

That was before Wayne Rooney marked his second Premier League start of 2017 by seeing his goalbound effort deflected in from former United defender Michael Keane, the centre-half who could be on his way back to Old Trafford this summer.

2-0 it finished.

Look at those three facts… Martial opening the scoring, a deflected Rooney effort going in and the game finishing 2-0.

Surely nobody could foresee that exact scenario playing out, right?


Twitter-user @SeriouslyAnder has proven himself a clairvoyant beyond any rational sense as he was somehow able to predict exactly how the game would play out.

Before a ball was kicked, the United supporter absolutely nailed the outcome of the tie and left us questioning everything we thought we knew about logic.

Incredible, right?

We literally don’t know what else to say about the prediction other than to say we wholeheartedly welcome our new alien overlord to earth.

His followers were similarly spooked.