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05th Jun 2017

In one sentence, Luka Modric explains how to unlock Juventus’ usually-unbeatable defence

Wil Jones

It’s pretty simple, when you explain it like that.

Going into Saturday’s Champions League final, Juventus had an incredible defensive record in the tournament, conceding just three goals in twelve games. But that all fell apart in the final, with Real Madrid putting four past the Italian champions in just 90 minutes (plus injury time).

How did they do it? According to an interview Real’s Luka Modric gave to HTV and Sportske Novosti, manager Zinedine Zidane worked out the (relatively) simple trick to cracking the Juve back line.

And what was it? Modric explains:

Juventus’ defence is great when it comes to crosses, but not so on low return passes. That is what we worked on and that is how we scored three of our goals in the final. Congratulations to the coach for that detail, which was the key in the final.

Sounds simple really, doesn’t it? Well, if it was really that easy, everyone would of done it. Plus it helps to have Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema leading your line…