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08th Apr 2018

Images of the new Manchester United kit have been leaked and it’s a real break from tradition

Not sure United fans will be happy with this

Reuben Pinder

It’s certainly a new look

Manchester United are a club proud of their traditions. Bringing the youth through. The iconic number 7 shirt. The red shirt, white shorts, and black socks.

One of those traditions may be broken next season, as images of next season’s kit have been leaked. The good folks at have blessed the internet with photographs that show the new kit to have a gradient design and black shorts.

Usually, the shirt design is simplistic, with a different trim every year. Maybe a collar, buttons or as we saw in 2009/10, a Rugby League style V shape on the chest.

Some United fans might be disappointed by these leaked photos, as it hints at a deviation from the tradition of white shorts.

The top half: good. The bottom half: not as good.

What is all that about? Game’s gone.

At least the shorts don’t have unnecessary hoops on the, even if they are not the traditional colour.

Don’t get me started on the socks though. United are not AC Milan. Simplicity is key to their kits, and one imagines this one won’t go down too well.

I suppose this is a result of the constant need for brands to reinvent kits every year. Long gone are the days of one new kit every two seasons.