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30th Jun 2016

Iceland boss gives honest response when asked if he would like to manage England

Not a bad shout

Patrick McCarry

Well, it was worth a shot.

Lars Lagerback has faced off against England sides seven times, as Sweden and Iceland boss, but has yet to be defeated.

On Monday, the Swede oversaw England’s latest downfall as Iceland dumped them out of Euro 2016.

Lagerback is set to step down after the championships and will hand over the reins to his co-manager in France, Heimir Hallgrimsson. As a part-time dentist, Hallgrimsson may be seeing more European football stadiums than teeth in the coming years.

Now that England have parted ways with Roy Hodgson, Lagerback was asked at a Wednesday press conference if he would have any interest in coaching the Three Lions. Laughing, he replied:

“No, I don’t think that is going to happen.

“You have to realise – and I do, every time I look in the mirror – that I have to relax a little bit. Hopefully I can stay somewhat in football but I don’t think I would go into some new job.

“As you know, I respect Roy a lot but I don’t think I’m in the picture really so, I think, it was a long shot.”

Lagerback then asked the English reporter to send Hodgson his best. We suspect the former England boss will have his phone off for a few days.

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