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03rd Jan 2017

Hull press release appears to show that Mike Phelan still has 11 months in the job

Has he got another 11 months?

Simon Lloyd

Mike Phelan has been sacked by Hull City… or at least we *think* that’s what’s just happened.

Sure, it’s being widely reported that he has indeed been given the boot, but the emergence of a press release which appears to have come from the club suggests the club might actually just be *planning* to sack him 11 months from now.

Look, it’s quite clearly dated for December 3, 2017. Perhaps it’s just a draft?

After all, it would be a bit harsh to sack a man that’s not even had the chance to improve his squad in a transfer window. A man that, having won manager of the month in August, still had to wait until late October to be given the job on a ‘permanent’ basis.

Or perhaps the person responsible has done what many of us tend to do at this time of year and forgotten the date? At least they got the year right.