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09th Jun 2017

Hugo Lloris was made to look like a right goon after injury time silliness

How to turn a draw into a defeat with one stupid decision

Darragh Murphy

Goalkeepers can sometimes overthink things.

Nowadays, due in no small part to the frequent frolics of Manuel Neuer and specific expectations of Pep Guardiola, ‘keepers tend to feel a need to prove their ability with their feet.

But sometimes, they just need to get rid.

Hugo Lloris will certainly regret his failure to simply wallop the ball up the pitch on Friday night during France’s defeat to Sweden in their World Cup Qualifier.

With ten seconds remaining on the clock and the game poised at 1-1, the French goalkeeper tried to get all fancy.

And oh how he paid for it.

The Spurs stopper first attempted to beat the pressuring attacker but when he tried to calmly slip a pass into midfield, it all went up shit’s creek.

Sweden’s Ola Toivonen was quicker to the ball and lashed it first time from the half-way line.

The ball sailed over Lloris, who was unable to return to his place between the sticks after his ill-advised adventure.

The punishing goal means Sweden have moved to the top of Group A on goal difference, with Les Bleus stuck in second spot.

Young goalkeepers, if you’re reading, there is absolutely nothing wrong with belting the ball in the direction of the opposite corner flag if you don’t see a pass on. Just sayin’.