Huddersfield substitute inadvertently exposes himself on live TV 2 years ago

Huddersfield substitute inadvertently exposes himself on live TV

Huddersfield Town eased their relegation fears with a 4-1 victory over Bournemouth on Sunday.

But never mind that. Here's a story about one of their substitutes inadvertently flashing his penis to those watching the game live on television. Hello, Pulitzer Prize.

With BT Sport training one of their cameras on Huddersfield manager, David Wagner, at one stage during the game, plenty of viewers noted on social media that they'd been distracted by what was taking place over his shoulder.

One of the Terriers' substitutes, perhaps readying himself to enter the game, was seen adjusting his shorts. As he did, he accidentally showed off a bit too much to those watching on telly.

Thankfully, his face wasn't in shot at the time, meaning not everybody watching the game was able to work out his identity. At least not immediately.

For obvious reasons, we've decided not to stick the video of the incident in here. If, however, you're in desperate need to see it, a quick Twitter search will soon satisfy your curiosity.

Fortunately, most watching the game appeared to see the funny side.

You get the gist.