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13th Mar 2020

How should football resolve the season if it can’t be finished?

Reuben Pinder

Three Leicester City players have self-isolated

With the Premier League and the EFL now suspended until April 4th at the very earliest due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is uncertain how and when the football season will be concluded.

Leicester City fan Jamie Thorpe spoke to JOE about football’s response to the outbreak, emphasising that public health must be the priority, however much we love watching football.

“While football is important to us all, at the end of the day, health has got to come first,” he said.

He also discussed possible solutions to an unfinished season. One option, to finish the season as the current standings lie, was particularly appealing to Thorpe, who acknowledged his bias as it would grant Leicester Champions League football.

The clear issue with that, of course, is the question of which teams are relegated and promoted.

Watch the interview below.