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26th Mar 2016

Roy Hodgson: ‘Drinkwater and Dier are both in Wilshere’s shadow’

Nooruddean Choudry

Two of them are pivotal powerhouse midfielders in a race for the title; the other is never fit.

Whilst Danny Drinkwater and Eric Dier strain every sinew and pump every muscle in order to drive their respective sides to domestic glory, Jack Wilshere continues his perennial fight with injury.

And yet according England boss Roy Hodgson, both the Spurs and Leicester City engines are in the shadow of their erstwhile Arsenal counterpart, who rarely seems physically able to make an appearance these days.

“Eric Dier did his job [as a sitting midfielder] against France, that’s for sure, and does it for Tottenham,” explains Hodgson. “I’ve been very impressed so have called him up with Drinkwater, who does a similar job for Leicester City.”

It all makes perfect sense so far, Roy, please do go on…

“[But] they’re still in the shadow of Jack Wilshere, who did so well for us before his injury. If all three were available for the Euros, that’d be a nice headache because there might not be space for all three.”

It’s a strange term to use when describing Wilshere’s ability to play the defensive midfield position, seeing as both Dier and Drinkwater have much more experience in the role – and obviously more form and playing time in general.