Hilarious Twitter thread details Paul Pogba's meeting with oblivious couple on a train 1 year ago

Hilarious Twitter thread details Paul Pogba's meeting with oblivious couple on a train

Pogba and his Manchester United teammates had been playing Uno

A hilarious Twitter thread has detailed the moment Paul Pogba and Nemanja Matic offered to have a picture taken with a couple on a train journey as an apology for making too much noise while playing a game of Uno... even though the couple had no idea who they were.

Posted by Nate Patrick, an Australian e-sports commentator, the thread begins by explaining his parents know nothing about football whatsoever. With his dad 'working on a big project', they are currently in England and found themselves on a train from Manchester.

During the journey, Nate's parents were disturbed by the noise being made by a group of people behind them, to the point where they turned around a few times.

The group, made up of Manchester United players, had been playing Uno and, realising they had been making too much noise, offered the couple a photo with them to apologise for the disturbance.

'These lads knew they were making a bit of noise, so they come up to Mum and Dad, and apologise, and ask if they'd like a photo,' Nate's thread explains.

'Dad is like, oh, that's nice, and gives one of the gentlemen his phone for this stranger to take a photo of Mum and Dad on this train from Manchester.'

'The stranger looks weirdly at my Dad, and says (with a French accent) "No, no no, I am asking if you would like a photo with me, sir?"

'My Dad looks at my Mum like who on earth does this guy think he is? But also my Dad is mega-polite, and obliges to be in the photo.'

Confused by the exchange, Nate's dad messaged him, asking if he knew who the man posing with him was. As it turned out, he did...

To Nate's amazement, Pogba was standing beside his dad, along with teammate Nemanja Matic.

The thread, which can be viewed in full by clicking here, has since received thousands of retweets.