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18th Apr 2017

Hibs striker stars in one of the most bizarre but brilliant wrestling matches of all time in club canteen

Cumdog's the name...

Darragh Murphy


This is just a professional footballer dressed up as a wrestler, with ‘Cumdog’ scribbled across his chest, competing against a Scottish wrestler to the tune of Madonna’s Like A Prayer.


In reality, we simply can’t get over how fantastically unusual this two minutes of footage from Hibernian’s training ground truly is.

The star of the show is Hibs striker Jason Cummings who, using his alias ‘Yersel Cumdog’ (unfortunate, we know), puts a beating on Ayrshire wrestler ,Grado.

Just like the famous shattering of glass that accompanied Stone Cold Steve Austin’s ring entrance, the inimitable Madonna sings Cummings, sorry, Cumdog into the arena/canteen.

Then it all kicks off.

After a modified version of the Mandible Claw, Cumdog bodyslams his opponent on the couch but, game as ever, Grado answers the count.

A chokeslam leads to a near fall of his own before Grado is piledriven into the path of a frog splash.




Just look at what it means to the new world champion of something or other… the one, the only, Cumdog.

And while he may have got the better of Grado, we reckon Cummings’ manager Neil Lennon would take some beating if he’s ever roped into giving it a go.