Hearts' Steven Naismith screams in face of injured Celtic player during 1-0 win 3 years ago

Hearts' Steven Naismith screams in face of injured Celtic player during 1-0 win

Your daily dose of Scottish Premiership banter courtesy of Hearts and Celtic

Seemingly dedicated to banter at all levels, the Scottish Premiership has been utterly glorious after just two weeks of this new season. The first weekend saw a player take to the field wearing an electronic tag, while the second saw Hearts seemingly mock Celtic after their 1-0 defeat of the champions.


It's something that we have come to expect from Scottish football, and it's something that makes all seem right with the world, but it wasn't the only moment of mockery surrounding the game on Saturday.

The game at Tynecastle was settled by a stunning Kyle Lafferty volley, ending Celtic's hopes of an unbeaten season and putting a dent in their title hopes until next weekend at least.

Undoubtedly the key moment though involved a man who is no friend of the Bhoys, former Rangers attacker Steven Naismith.


Naismith got involved in something an altercation with Jonny Hayes of Celtic during the game, leaving the Irishman lying on the ground in what appeared to be some degree of pain.

Rather than walk over and check to see if he was alright, Naismith instead proceeded to kick Hayes up the arse.

Surely now, you are probably thinking, he came to his senses and offered an olive branch to the former Aberdeen winger?

Well, no, instead he stood up and screamed in Hayes' face like there was no tomorrow.


Now, do we condone this behaviour? No. But was it funny? Yes.