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25th Aug 2015

Glasgow Celtics have a whole city behind them as they go after Euro Soccer Cup qualificization

Soccer Guy

With the Glasgow Celtics soccer franchise just one game away from reaching the Euro Soccer Cup, today is a humongous day for everyone in the Scotch capital city.

Like some real sad puppy that got thrown in the garbage
because its owner didn’t wanna give it any food no more, the city of Glasgow has been starved of big soccer games lately. With the Glasgow Raiders not back in EPL Scotland, there’s been no Old Friends derby soccer for a real long time. But with the Celtics game tonight, the city will be unifized.

The Ghuys have taken an airplane to the Swedish city of Malmo, Sweden. Despite sounding kinda like a Sesame Street character, Malmo is most famous for being the first ever soccer franchise of PSV’s Zlatan Abramovic. Way back before soccer became popular thanks to the World Cup in America, they also lost a Euro Soccer Cup final to London franchise the Nottinghill Foresters.

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After beating their Swedish asses 3 to 2 at the Glasgow Celtics Garden last week, the green and white uniformed franchise will be leading 3 to 2 when the clock strikes soccer o’clock tonight. But they still gotta be careful. Their opponents got themselves two roadtrip goalshots last time out, which is pretty good according to some dumbass soccer law reason.

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 19 : Leigh Griffiths of Celtic celebrates scoring early in the second half with team mates Nir Bitton and Stefan Johansen during the UEFA Champions League Qualifying play off first leg match, between at Celtic Park on August 19, 2015 in Glasgow Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Although doing good deefense will be pretty important if the Celtics are gonna book their ticket to Euro Soccer Cup awesomeness, they gotta go score too. It is anticipized that former Edinburg Hibernator Lee Griffin will be the guy that tries to do that, having inserted twice for the Scotch franchise in last week’s soccer game.

Like the Celtics, Malmo will also be looking to qualify for the Euro Soccer Cup and welcome back a couple of guys that nobody has even heard of to help them do some real good kicks.

With so much on the line, this game has all the ingredients of a real nice soccer pie. For all the soccer fans in Glasgow, let’s just hope that when the completion whistle is blown, there’s room for some Euro Soccer Cup dessert.