Glamping' in Saudi Arabia being considered as option for England fans at Qatar World Cup 5 months ago

Glamping' in Saudi Arabia being considered as option for England fans at Qatar World Cup

Nothing says glamorous like camping in an unbearably hot desert

Accommodation known as 'glamping' is being considered as a potential way for England supporters to stay when they travel to the 2022 Qatar World Cup.


Given the small size of the nation hosting the World Cup, neighbouring countries are being touted as viable destinations to welcome the large crowds, with an estimated of 1.5 million expected to attend.

As reported by the MailOnline, Qatar currently only has roughly 175,000 rooms available, with the Middle Eastern state expected to build temporary upmarket camping sites commonly known as 'glamping' sites in the Qatari desert.

Further plans have now also suggested that Saudi Arabia, which borders Qatar, will provide temporary accommodation too, with some sources claiming that World Cup officials have already ordered mobile homes in preparation.


In addition to this accommodation, Qatari officials have also struck a deal with a cruise company to have two liners which will act as luxury hotels.

Fans will also be able to stay in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, but this is expected to be the most expensive option as supporters will also need to consider flights into Qatar for each match day.

As per Reuters, it was reported in November that officials have banned hotels and accommodations in Qatar from accepting individual booking reservations until the end of the tournament on 23 December, with Qatar's Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy taking control instead.

Due to the demand for accommodation, rent prices for apartments and villas in the country have increased by five per cent, with anybody renting accommodation in advance for the World Cup told to end their leases by March 2022.


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