Get to know England's World Cup squad with 'The Lions' Den' 3 years ago

Get to know England's World Cup squad with 'The Lions' Den'

It's coming home...

Ever since England won the World Cup in 1966 and thus set unrealistically high expectations for every squad that proceeded them, the relationship between the media and the England team has grown increasingly toxic. But that is changing.


One of Gareth Southgate's goals as England manager, other than instil a style of play and give the team an identity, appears to be to improve the squad's relationship with the media. For instance, at a recently media day, all 23 players in the World Cup squad were available for journalists to speak to freely.

It only seems fitting then, that during this summer's World Cup, the FA will be broadcasting an all access, interactive show, "The Lions' Den".

Screening every day from the World Cup, the show will give viewers unprecedented access from inside the team base camp.

Viewers at home can get involved, sending their questions in for players, coaches and staff on YouTube, and voting on live polls. Some lucky fans will even get the chance to speak to the players via FaceTime, live on the show.

Hosted by Craig Mitch, Lions’ Den premieres on Tuesday 12th June from the airfield tarmac as England prepare to depart to Russia.

You can watch the show on the official England YouTube channel, subscribe here to make sure you don't miss an episode.