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21st Mar 2016

Germany striker to miss England game after Nutella-related sanction

Tom Victor

Things are only getting worse for Max Kruse.

The Wolfsburg striker got in trouble with his club Wolfsburg after reportedly leaving thousands of Euros in poker winnings in the back of a taxi last year.

He then came under criticism from his club bosses for what has been described as a Nutella addiction.

And the double-whammy soon became a triple-whammy as Germany coach Jogi Löw dropped the 28-year-old from his squad to face England in the upcoming international friendly.

Republic of Ireland v Germany - UEFA EURO 2016 Qualifier

Sometimes the component parts of a story are so bizarre they leave you intrigued as to the other details.

But when you’ve got Nutella, poker, international football and bags of cash, it’s tough for most people’s imaginations to create something better with the component parts.

For what it’s worth, Löw has said the Mannschaft need players who are focused on their football, and who are aware of the role model status they hold.

In fairness, you can probably see why carelessness with money and overindulgence on sugary foods are the exact opposite of the message many parents would want their kids picking up from their footballing idols.