German amateur football banned for biting off part of opponents nose 2 years ago

German amateur football banned for biting off part of opponents nose

The attacked player needed emergency treatment on his way to hospital

A German amateur football has been handed a seven-year ban after biting part of an opponent's nose off during a row. The two players, who cannot be named due to German privacy laws, were playing in a match between SV Preussen Eiberg and ESG 99/06 in Germany's lower leagues.

The incident is believed to have occurred after a reckless tackle, which saw the Eiberg player approach his ESG counterpart. The Eiberg player is then alleged to bitten a segment of the ESG player's nose off.

Unsurprisingly, the Eiberg player was sent off for the rather barbaric act, while the ESG footballer was given emergency treatment before being transported to hospital.

After the incident, it is alleged that members of both teams searched for the missing piece of nose, but were unable to sniff it out.

According to a member of the ESG staff, the reason the piece of the nose was not found is because - wait for it - it may have been eaten: "It was not there anymore, I do not know if the culprit has eaten it."

As if the situation couldn't get any stranger, the match was allowed to play on, and finished 3-3.

And yes, in case you were wondering, the biter in question was charged with actual bodily harm, and appeared in court earlier in the week.

Discussing the incident in the aftermath, an ESG official summed it all up quite appropriately: "Unfortunately, a person is inexplicably dismembered. [The biter] has indeed apologised, but if a bit of the nose is bitten off, that’s hardly forgivable."