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14th Dec 2016

George Boyd’s average position for the first 15 minutes against West Ham is a complete mystery


Simon Lloyd

Sadly, West Ham’s game with Burnley wasn’t televised on Wednesday night.

A shame, really. If it had, we might have been able to understand what the hell was going on with George Boyd in the game’s opening 15 minutes.

After a goalless first quarter of an hour at the London Stadium, the BBC shared an image showing the average positions of the Burnley players. A quick glance makes it quite clear that the visitors had been  bit under the cosh – with one notable exception.

While his teammates sat deep in a bid to thwart a West Ham side buoyed by their 2-2 draw at high-flying Liverpool at the weekend, Boyd – wearing the number 21 shirt – appeared to be way up the other end of the field, hugging the right touchline.

We’re pretty sure this is actually the average position of each Burnley player’s touches in the early stages of the game, but let’s pretend for now that this is exactly what the BBC says it is and that Boyd has spent the entire first 15 minutes having a natter to some bloke on the front row.

Perhaps Match of the Day will tell us a bit more later on.

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