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10th Jun 2018

Geordie Shore’s Aaron Chalmers would happily fight CM Punk next

They've got very different 0s on their records

Darragh Murphy

Don’t pretend like you wouldn’t watch.

There’s a reason why CM Punk was given a spot on the UFC 225 main card on Saturday night at the expense of legends like Alistair Overeem, Rashad Evans and Clay Guida. Punk is a mainstream draw.

The former WWE superstar was beaten badly in his second Octagon outing as Mike Jackson, a combat sports photographer with a background in professional boxing and kickboxing, claimed a dominant unanimous decision over Punk.

UFC President Dana White made no bones about the fact that it was Punk’s last opportunity in the Octagon but if he is not signed to another UFC fight then rival promotions will surely look to take advantage of Punk’s popularity.

And should the 39-year-old get snapped up by Bellator, there’s a willing opponent waiting for him.

Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers, who has amassed a 4-0 professional MMA record over the past 12 months, would not turn down the chance to welcome Punk to the Bellator cage.

Chalmers has never let an opponent out of the first round and he continues to show improvements each time we see him in action.

JOE spoke to ‘The Joker’ after a series of tweets he posted on Sunday morning, in the wake of Punk’s defeat, and Chalmers is well aware of the fan interest in seeing a reality TV star square off with a former WWE superstar.

“I’m open to any fight Bellator give me,” Chalmers said.

“Obviously the ‘Baby Slice’ fight is the one I want as I think we are both on similar paths but we have asked for Mohammad Yahya if he is available.

“He’s 5-1 and signed to Bellator so would be a good challenge.

“CM Punk is a huge money fight but all people will say is I’m getting easy fights. Before last night they were saying CM Punk would destroy me.”

Chalmers stormed to three consecutive victories under the BAMMA banner before he got the call to make his Bellator debut in London last month.

Both Chalmers and Punk have received plenty of hate in their respective forays into the world of combat sports but there is a significant difference  between the two in the fact that Chalmers is actually displaying legitimate skill and getting his hand raised.

Punk has plenty of heart, sure, but we’d imagine that Chalmers would be a clear favourite going into this contest if it ever comes to fruition.