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08th Jul 2017

Gary Neville admits he is not Romelu Lukaku’s biggest fan

Gary Neville certainly isn't pulling any punches here

Nooruddean Choudry

He’ll take some convincing that’s for sure.

Gary Neville is never afraid to be frank in his views. He is not one to trade in default soundbites, nor does he feel the need to act as footballing diplomat for anyone or to anyone. There are other former pros who become club ambassadors and have no qualms in towing the party line. Neville is not one of them.

So whilst everyone else with a professional and/or emotional connection with Manchester United has been talking up the signing of Romelu Lukaku as a masterstroke and surefire hit, the Sky Sports pundit and Old Trafford alum has been far more tempered in his enthusiasm. In fact he feels that, to a degree, the jury is still on the striker.

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Tweeting on Saturday in response to news of a deal for the Belgian being agreed, Neville admitted he’s never been the player’s greatest advocate, in spite of his obvious natural talents and goalscoring feats:

“He’s incredibly talented and I’ve seen him destroy defences but personally I’ve never been his biggest fan. However he will score goals,” he tweeted.

“He went missing in too many matches I saw, but with a better team and players around him he has an improved chance to deliver in big matches.”

Neville has voiced his doubts about Lukaku before. In May, he told Sky Sports’ podcast: “The question mark and frustration with Lukaku is does he do it in the big games? That won’t go away until he moves to a big club and starts delivering.”

Well now he has his chance – and no one will be more pleased if he succeeds than Neville.