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16th Nov 2016

Gareth Bale overlooks Cristiano Ronaldo when naming his greatest ever teammate

Well... it's not like Ronaldo's *that* good, is it?

Simon Lloyd

No matter how hard the pair of them try and convince us otherwise, it doesn’t take much to kick off rumours of a rift between Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Although their respectful on-pitch chat after Portugal ended Wales’ Euro 2016 run went a long way to silencing such talk, you can bet your life that someone, somewhere, will make out that what follows is indication that Bale can’t stand the sight of his permanently-shirtless Real Madrid teammate…


Having won a couple of Champions Leagues while playing alongside Cristiano, you’d think that the multi-Ballon d’Or winner would be a shoo-in when Bale was asked to name his greatest ever teammate.

Apparently, that’s not the case.

Bale was asked to name the greatest player he’d ever played with or against during an interview with Foot Locker. Overlooking Ronaldo, Bale named one of his countrymen. And no, it’s not Joe Allen.

“For me the greatest player is Ryan Giggs. He was my hero growing up and is a legend in world football. It also helps he’s a fellow Welshman.” 

Ryan Giggs Manchester United v Liverpool Premier League 1996

Not only did a young Gareth Bale idolise Giggs during his childhood, he also had the opportunity to play alongside him for the Welsh national team and against him during when at Tottenham.

With the international break over, Bale will reunite with his club mates ahead of this weekend’s Madrid derby away at Atletico.

In some people’s minds, Ronaldo will no doubt be shooting icy stares in his direction if he’s got wind of his latest comments.

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