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07th Jun 2020

Some more of the funniest footballer TV adverts

Reuben Pinder

Remember Michael Owen’s tour of Dubai?

It’s rare you’ll find a footballer who pulls off a good performance in a TV advert. Even the less wooden ones are tarnished by the fact we all know them as footballers and not as actors. But some really take the biscuit.

Take Michael Owen’s helicopter tour of Dubai for example. The promotional video, shot for The First Group, has gone down in football history as the prototype of this content genre. The bad green screening, the bland delivery of the lines, the fact he’s reading them off a script, the palpable absence of energy. It’s captivating and excruciating at the same time.

Footballers appearing in TV adverts is always funny. The cringe value of seeing a professional footballer in full kit try to sincerely promote a forgettable product is infinite.

Here are some more of the funniest footballer TV adverts.