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18th Jun 2017

Fresh Ronaldo update has Man United fans starting to believe their former hero could actually return

'It has to be real now'


Manchester United fans have had a rough old time of it this summer, bless ’em.

After watching their Antoine Griezmann dream turn to dust by Atletico Madrid’s transfer ban, it’s been a relatively underwhelming transfer window so far.

Sure, they’ve just signed Swedish defender Victor Linelöf, but most of the club’s problems last season came as they failed to convert chances at the other end of the field.

Predictably, they’ve been linked with a fresh bid for Gareth Bale in the weeks since Griezmann’s move to Manchester died on its arse, but realistically, very few United supporters believed the Welshman would leave Real Madrid for Old Trafford any time soon.

This time last week, the same could have been said of Cristiano Ronaldo. Like Bale, he too has been linked with a move to United frequently in recent years and each time, the majority of United supporters have refused to get their hopes up.

Naturally, when talk of Ronaldo wanting to leave the Spanish capital – possibly for a return to United – started doing the rounds at the back end of last week, the club’s fans were sceptical. In their view, this was probably just a ploy on Ronaldo’s part to get a new contract.

Days later, the rumours that Ronaldo wants out of Real haven’t shifted. For now at least, it seems like a very real possibility that the Portuguese captain will be on the move this summer.

On Sunday, Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio was one of those to provide an update on Ronaldo. According to him, Paris Saint-Germain were willing to spend big to bring Ronaldo to France, but the player’s preference was a return to Manchester.

A year ago, Di Marzio’s updates on Paul Pogba’s return to Old Trafford from Juventus were widely circulated by United fans. They did, of course, prove to be accurate and because of this Di Marzio’s latest information on Ronaldo has given fans reason to believe that this time there might well be something in it.

Di Marzio’s article was greeted with a flurry of tweets from excited United fans and was even enough to see the Italian’s surname trending in the UK.