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07th Nov 2015

Franck Ribery is seeking $1.5 million in damages over CNN tweet…

Matt Stanger

Franck Ribery is suing CNN for $1.5 million in damages after they used his picture to illustrate a story about a woman who froze to death in a cryotherapy chamber.


CNN apologised for their mistake, but Ribery’s lawyer confirmed the Bayern Munich winger is pursuing legal action for using his image without permission and associating him with the woman’s death.

“Using an image of Franck Ribery to illustrate cryotherapy and notably the fact that it can kill people, is a very morbid association that was made without authorisation on the part of CNN,” Ribery’s representative Carlo Alberto Busa told radio station RTL.

He was then asked whether a $1.5 million claim was rather indecent, but Busa replied: “Indecency, is the use of the image of Franck Ribery.

“We are speaking of the most important channel in the world. By using the image of Ribery, they considered that their story could generate hype because he is world-renowned. And this sum could be used for charity or medical research.”

Ribery is currently out of action with an ankle injury and isn’t expected to return until next year.