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10th Apr 2017

Forgotten Arsenal man reminds fans of his existence with perfect hat-trick for U23s

"Finally found Alexis' replacement"

Darragh Murphy

Yaya Sanogo, remember the name?

The question mark is vital there because we’re very much asking you if you remember his name rather than insisting you take note of it ahead of his inevitable Ballon d’Or nomination.

Well in case you cannot recall who Sanogo is, let us remind you.

Sanogo is an Arsenal forward – no, honestly, he’s still there.

Many felt that there was a bright future for the 24-year-old, who once scored four goals against Benfica in a pre-season game before his first competitive goal arrived against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League.

But somewhere, his career lost momentum and he was shipped out on several loan deals to the likes of Crystal Palace, Ajax and, most recently, Charlton.

The Frenchman is back at Arsenal now but has been sidelined with a long-term injury, the details of which Arsene Wenger has previously insisted are “confidential.”

Sanogo is making strides in his return to fitness, however, and scored a 19-minute hat-trick for the Gunners’ U23 side on Monday.

The performance led some supporters to call for him start against Crystal Palace later that day.

Others felt that he had proven himself an adequate replacement for Alexis Sanchez.

There were some far-fetched claims.

And some less far-fetched claims.

We saw some suggested name changes.

While this was the overriding sentiment.