FootballJOE's Stadiums on Maps Quiz - #2 7 months ago

FootballJOE's Stadiums on Maps Quiz - #2

Week 2

Back for more, are we?


Well, fortunately for you, we're only just getting started with the FootballJOE Stadium Geography Quiz. Give it a couple of weeks, when we've burned through all of the easy, instantly recognisable stadium pictures, this thing will get ridiculously hard.

It will, of course, be pretty tough now if geography isn't your strong point. The key to getting anywhere close to ten marks on this thing relies on far more than an ability to recognise football stadiums. Nope, as well as that, you need to know where exactly they belong on a map, too. Fortunately, we've made it significantly less daunting by giving you three multiple choice answers for each question.

If you haven't had chance to do last week's edition, fear not. There's a link to it below the quiz below.

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