FootballJOE's Stadiums on Maps Quiz - #1 7 months ago

FootballJOE's Stadiums on Maps Quiz - #1

Week 1

Hello and welcome to the very first edition of this, FootballJOE's Stadium Geography Quiz. As the name suggests, it's a test of your football stadiumĀ and geographical knowledge.


Honestly, we know we tell you every single time we roll one of these quizzes out that it's easy to understand, but this time it really is. We give you an image of a football stadium - usually a relatively well-known one - and a map with points A, B and C on it. All you have to do is work where on the map the stadium is located. See? Easy.

This one starts off in the UK before venturing further afield, to Europe, North and South America and even the Far East. Ultimately, how well you do will rest on how good you are with maps, but there are a few clues in some of the stadium pictures if you don't instantly recognise them.

As always, we wish you nothing but the best.

Let's begin...

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