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10th Aug 2021

FootballJOE Photoshop Challenge #5: Lionel Messi’s PSG t-shirt

Simon Lloyd

Done deal

So there you have it. Lionel Messi is a Paris Saint-Germain player.

Feels weird, doesn’t it? Not so much the sight of him in a PSG kit; more the fact they felt the need for that motion sickness-inducing video to announce that the deal was done.

Now that we’ve mopped up the last of the puke, here, as promised, is the fifth edition of our Photoshop Challenge.

It feels like an eternity since we asked you to poke fun at Thomas Muller’s costly miss against England all those weeks ago. And after being offered a first glimpse of Messi in his new team’s gear, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass us by.

Having scrubbed the lettering from his shirt, we asked you to come up with an alternative t-shirt design for the former(!) Barcelona man.

You didn’t let us down. You never let us down.

Here’s a look at some of our favourites. Please note that it’s probably worth a look at the full thread. There’s bound to be plenty of good ones that have slipped the net.


Did we expect an official account of the club Messi played for as a boy to be getting involved in this? Nah, not really. But this was great stuff from Newell’s Old Boys. A solid start.


2010 was a wild time, wasn’t it? When every young adult in the United Kingdom was legally obliged to wear the same Topman t-shirt with Rihanna’s face on it on nights out / holidays to Malia. Just when we thought we’d forgotten it, @MikeWhatmore reminds us.


Lionel Messi, dressed to kill for Tracy’s Hen Night. It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t need to make sense.



A topless Steve Bruce with the legs of a flamingo. Perfect.


It had its doubters, but Lionel’s clearly a fan. Anything to take your mind of your old employers becoming an utter shitshow.


Bonus points for making the t-shirt pink.


We’re not sure why, but Sean Clark wanted Messi to remind us of an iconic moment in Come Dine With Me history. And that’s absolutely fine.


Very well played to Andrew Meddings. Sure PSG’s Qatari owners will be delighted with this one.


Surprised this didn’t come through sooner tbh. A nice bit of meta humour for you all here

It’s Always Sunny In Paris

We always knew Messi looked like a Sunny fan. I wonder if Wrexham was ever on Messi’s radar for a transfer?