Footballer forced to deny he's Harry Maguire's brother after arrest report 1 year ago

Footballer forced to deny he's Harry Maguire's brother after arrest report

This story just gets weirder and weirder

When Harry Maguire was arrested for assaulting police officers on the Greek island of Mykonos last week, it was hard to imagine the story getting any stranger.


Then, on Tuesday, reports emerged from the trial - at which Maguire isn't present - which told of the prosecution in the case alleging that Maguire had asked them "Do you know who I am?" and allegedly said "I am rich".

Well, this is 2020 and we live in what may well be an alternate universe, so of course it got weirder. That's because another footballer, named Joe Maguire, has been forced to take to Twitter to deny that he is in anyway related to the Manchester United captain.

The Accrington Stanley footballer, who used to play for Liverpool, posted a tweet in which he criticised newspapers and online channels for claiming that he was the brother present alongside Maguire at the time of the assault, and charged in court today.


He said: "Certain newspapers, including Sky Sports, as well as the radio this morning claiming I’m Harry Maguire’s brother and being charged in court today. I’m not his brother or even related to him! Is it that hard for the journalists or reporters to actually do their research first?"

The arrest of Maguire, who denies all charges against him and claims that police kicked him while saying "Your career is over" presents a complication for Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ahead of the new season next month.

On the bright side for the Norwegian coach, Maguire's centre-back partner Victor Lindelof has had a slightly less grim holiday, after it was reported that he had chased down and apprehended a thief while back home in Sweden this week.