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04th Jan 2017

Footballer who trolled Harry Arter has tried to explain his actions

"I have no filter between my mouth and my brain"

Robert Redmond

The footballer who trolled Harry Arter has tried to explain his actions.

Alfie Barker abused Arter on Twitter over the death of his stillborn daughter last December.

Following the 3-3 draw between Bournemouth and Arsenal, Barker tweeted: “Big hype just for a disappointment like the nine months leading up to your child’s birth.”

The teenager has since been sacked by non-league side Hitchin Town in the wake of the disgusting tweets he sent on Tuesday evening.

Barker initially denied he was responsible for the tweets, and claimed his account had been hacked. He has since admitted sending them, issued an apology, and attempted to explain his actions.

“I am just so sorry about what I have done,” Barker told The Comet.

“I’m not a horrible person. My aunt Stacey Hunt has actually had two miscarriages in the last five years, and I am distraught about upsetting her as well as my family – and of course Harry Arter and his family.”

“I was watching Arsenal at home last night and I was hyper. At 3-0 down they weren’t playing well and I was annoyed.”

“I’d had a couple of beers and was frustrated at the way the team was playing and I just lashed out. I have no idea why I focused on Harry Arter and his family and I am so, so sorry for what I have done.

“It was a moment of madness.

“I have no social skills. I have no filter between my mouth and my brain. I work every day and I have spent the whole day trying to understand why I did what I did.”

Barker went on to say that he would like to apologise to Arter in person. He also said he understands why he has been sacked by his club and that he doesn’t want the incident to define him.

“I would like to meet Harry Arter face to face to apologise for my inexplicable actions. I cannot justify in any way, shape or form what I did but I would like to say sorry,” Barker continued.

“I would like to write a letter to Harry saying sorry too. I feel like the worst person in the world today.

“I don’t want to be known as the player who trolled Harry Arter. I am devastated that I have made my family ashamed of me and I take full responsibility.

“I also completely understand why Hitchin Town took the action they did and I completely agree they did the right thing.”

Amazingly, Barker said he only realised he did something wrong when he woke-up this morning. He also said he won’t be using Twitter again.

“I knew I had done something really wrong when I looked at my phone this morning. I will not be using social media again.”


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