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29th Jan 2018

WATCH: Tim Cahill becomes latest player to get a fancy announcement video as he returns to England

He's back...

Simon Lloyd

Tim Cahill is back on English shores.

After spending the six years since leaving Everton in the US, China and back in his native Australia, the midfielder has agreed to rejoin his first professional club, Millwall.

Clearly, this is quite a big deal to the London club, who have announced his return with a special video – complete with hashtag ‘#TheReturn’.

It’s not *quite* received the kind of hype that Alexis Sanchez’s piano-playing Manchester United announcement has made – not yet, anyway – but still, not a bad effort.


The Australian has penned a short-term deal with the club lasting until the end of the season. He will wear the number seven shirt.

“It’s an amazing feeling,” the 38-year-old. “To finally come home and to join Neil Harris, David Livermore and all the lads will be really special. I can’t wait to greet the fans, meet my new teammates – it’s one of those things where it’s meant to be.

“It’s hard to put into words. I’m still taking it in now. The first thing I wanted to do when with Neil was to walk on the pitch and in the tunnel and have that feeling again that brings back so many memories.

“Once you go over that white line, you get a nervous sensation back that I had when I was a 16-year-old when I first signed here.”