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09th Jul 2018

Man United fans mistakenly thought club’s tweet predicted an England loss to Croatia

They were, of course, wrong

Simon Lloyd

Football, you may have heard, is coming home

Some, however, mistakenly believed that the folk running Manchester United’s Twitter account on Monday missed the memo.

The club tweeted a link to a report on their website which explained why the next seven days were ‘massive’ for United. The tweet also featured a range of emoji, designed to partly explain what each day held in store.

Monday was a nod to Ashley Young’s birthday, for example, whereas Tuesday and Wednesday very clearly made reference to the World Cup semi-finals.

It was the choice of emoji for next weekend which caused the confusion, many interpreting them as being an assumption that England were set to lose their game with Croatia on Wednesday evening.

Saturday featured a bronze medal, representing the third-place playoff over in Russia, whereas Sunday showed a plane taking off.

Some incorrectly assumed this was United’s way of saying England would compete for third place in Russia on Saturday night before flying home on the day of the final.

Of course, they were wrong….

As those who clicked the link will have seen, United explain that they are guaranteed to have some of their players involved in the third-place play-off on Saturday, whereas the aeroplane emoji was used to highlight the fact the club will be jetting off on their preseason tour of the USA on Sunday.

Glad we’ve cleared that up.

Now flick the kettle on. Football will be home soon.