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05th Mar 2022

Russian national team coach speaks out on invasion of Ukraine

Callum Boyle

“I just hope this will finally end.”

The head coach of the Russian national team, Valeri Karpin, has spoken out against his country’s invasion of Ukraine.

It’s been 10 days since president Vladimir Putin ordered troops into Ukraine, as they struggle to fight back against the heavy shelling from the north, east and south.

Up until this point, only one high-profile Russian sportsman had publicly condemned their invasion of Ukraine, with Dynamo Moscow striker Fedor Smolov posting on social media with the caption “No to war.”

Ukrainian internationals Andriy Yarmolenko, Vitaliy Mykolenko and Oleksandr Zinchenko have all called out Russian internationals, including captain Artem Dzyuba, for their lack of response to the invasion. Dzyuba did eventually speak out, however he failed to publicly condemn Putin’s actions.

Both FIFA and UEFA have also banned the Russian national team and their domestic sides from competing in their competitions, meaning Russia will no longer compete at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, and Spartak Moscow have also been removed from the Europa League.

But Russia’s national team boss has now spoken about the invasion himself and admitted that whilst he has hopes the international and domestic side’s will be allowed to play again, he wants the war to stop.

Karpin said: “Football is important, it brings us together and unites us, things will be difficult without it.

“I am confident the national team and the clubs should be able to continue to play.

“Speaking on a global scale, I just hope this will finally end, peace will come and people will stop dying.”

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