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29th May 2018

Report reveals what Sergio Ramos said to Cristiano Ronaldo after hinting at Real Madrid exit

Ronaldo appeared to suggest he could leave Real moments after they beat Liverpool in Kiev

Simon Lloyd

Cristiano Ronaldo could be leaving Real Madrid. Again.

Not for the first time since he arrived at Real in 2009, Ronaldo hinted that his future may lie away from the Bernabeu. He didn’t half pick his moment, either…

Within minutes of helping Zinedine Zidane’s side to their third European Cup on the spin by beating Liverpool in Kiev, Ronaldo was using a post-match interview to make clear that he may not be sticking around much longer, explaining a decision on what he’d do next would follow in a few days.

“Now I will enjoy, and in the next few days I will give an answer to the fans that they are on my side, it was very nice to be in Madrid,” he told BeIN Sport.

“In the next few days I’ll give an answer,” he added.

Understandably, this didn’t go down too well with some of Real’s supporters who were annoyed that he exploited a moment of celebration to talk about the possibility of leaving the club.

If a report by Marca is to be believed, it wasn’t just the fans that felt this was the wrong thing to do at that particular time. Sergio Ramos, who has himself generated a fair few headlines since the win over Liverpool, is said to have confronted Ronaldo over his poorly timed words.

“It’s not good what you’ve done, it was not the right moment to say it,” he reportedly told Ronaldo.

“You have to take a step back and we will help you. We are with you, but help yourself too.”

Perhaps prompted by Ramos’ words, Ronaldo later admitted that he probably shouldn’t have discussed his future so soon after the final.

By the time of Real’s trophy parade back in the Spanish capital, Ronaldo appeared to suggest he would be staying put in the Spanish capital.

“Thank you guys,” he yelled down a microphone. “See you next year.”