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25th May 2018

Sergio Ramos explains why Mohamed Salah can’t be compared to Ronaldo or Messi

Ramos will face Salah on Saturday

Jack O'Toole

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos insists that you can’t compare Mohamed Salah to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Salah has scored 44 goals in 51 games this season for Liverpool, which is actually a better goals to games ratio than five-time Ballon d’Or winner Messi, who has scored 45 goals in 54 games for Barcelona this season.

Ronaldo has more goals than games this season with 44 goals in 43 games, including 15 in the Champions League, but Ramos said that you can’t compare Salah to the other two players given that Messi and Ronaldo have both been producing at the elite level for the last decade whereas this is Salah’s first great season.

“Comparing players with Ronaldo and Messi is something you can’t do,” said Ramos.

“They’re in another orbit. There are players who are in fashion, those who come and go and others who stay around.

“Salah is a top player, that’s clear. He’s shown that this year and he’s got a great chance to show that over the next few years as Ronaldo and Messi have done – but the day after tomorrow!”

Ramos said that his side are highly motivated by making history as to become the first team to win the European Cup three times in succession on two separate occasions and also the first team to defend the title twice since Bayern Munich won the last of their three consecutive titles in 1976.

“When you find yourself in a place like this we are highly motivated. (There is) great spirit and pride in our team,” he said.

“It motivates you to continue to want to win. We want to make history. That is very positive for us.

“We hit the reset button every year and look forward. We don’t look behind us. It is our moment. Another final.”