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17th Mar 2018

Picture posted by Champions League Facebook page ‘revealed’ quarter-final draw before it was made

Oooooh, conspiracy...

Simon Lloyd

That’s it Uefa. The game’s up, you bastards.

Be it through hot balls or some kind of mad Illuminati shit, us football fans have suspected you’ve been fixing your Champions League draws in some way for some time.

Now – finally – we have absolute proof* that this is very much the case. Sort of.

This week’s quarter-final draw saw that the two remaining English clubs, Manchester City and Liverpool, would face each other in the last eight. How convenient. How very convenient.

Quite blatantly a ploy to ensure the chances of a club from the Greatest League In The World™ winning the competition are reduced, some football fans set about looking for evidence that this was indeed rigged.

Now, barely 24 hours on from the last ball being plucked from the pot, it seems the cat is well and truly out of the bag.


Now, admittedly, at first glimpse this image doesn’t look like much at all. Posted to the official Champions League Facebook page a couple of days before the draw, it simply shows eight players, one from each of the remaining clubs in the competition. Nothing to see here, surely…

But look again.

See it yet? No? Okay, just look at the tweet below then…

Using highly-sophisticated technology (a few red lines) the tweet points out that the symmetry of the image pretty much told everyone the quarter final draw, nearly a whole 48 hours before it was even made. Outrageous, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Why would they do this? Well, we’ve absolutely no idea to be honest. Still, let’s not ruin it for the conspiracy theorists out there.

*They’re absolutely 100% definitely not fixed. Don’t sue us, Uefa.