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10th Mar 2018

Paul Pogba has reportedly been ruled out of Liverpool clash

Jose Mourinho will be forced to rejig his midfield

Darragh Murphy

We were all waiting on a late fitness test but, according to reports, Paul Pogba has already been ruled out of today’s crucial Premier League clash with Liverpool.

Concern spread among Manchester United supporters when they learned that Pogba had pulled up in training on Friday with what was said to be a nasty gash to his leg.

The French midfielder did not arrive at Salford’s Lowry hotel with his teammates last night which was the first telltale sign that Pogba may not recover in time for kick-off at Old Trafford.

And a report from the Telegraph on Saturday morning claims that United’s record signing had officially been taken out of the running.

If the report is true, Red Devils boss Jose Mourinho will be forced into a midfield rejig for the battle for second place.

After regaining his place in Mourinho’s starting XI, Pogba’s injury will be the last thing he needs and he would have been raring to prove his recent critics wrong against one of United’s fiercest rivals.

After Monday’s dramatic victory over Crystal Palace, Sky Sports pundit and United legend Gary Neville criticised Pogba for his insistence on attempting the most difficult pass or flashiest piece of skill.

“His great weakness is that he plays like he’s playing in the park with his mates,” Neville said. “It’s like everything he does is like a YouTube or Instagram video.

“It’s like it’s not serious, it’s like a joke to him in terms of the way he goes about things. It’s no wonder Mourinho has left him out for the past few weeks a number of times.”